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By-Law Section - Animal Control, Licensing, Enforcement & Parking Control

Regulatory Services Division Home

By-Law Section
The Enforcement Sections are responsible for investigating by-law and licensing violation complaints (zoning and property standards), inspections related to sign permits and sign complaints, licensing, parking enforcement and weed control. The following is a list of some of the most frequently requested by-laws: 

 Chapter [PDF]
Animal Control By-laws
304, 306, 309, 310, 314, 319, 321
Regulates the care of domestic animals, dog licensing, as well as the number and types of animals permitted per household
Anti-Graffiti By-law
Provides for the removal of graffiti from all property and sets the fines for non compliance
Driveway Apron By-law
Engineering & Public Works

Standards & Specifications Manual
Regulates the maximum width of the portion of driveway on municipal property (boulevard)

See the Front Yard Parking By-law for the maximum widths of driveways on private property.
Dumping & Fill By-law
Provides for the dumping or placing of fill in all areas of the Town
Fence/Pool Enclosures By-law
Regulates the maximum heights of fences and their locations. It also provides for the mandatory pool enclosure and the types of fencing that are permitted.
Fire Setting By-law
Regulates open air fires on all lands within the Town

See the Open Air Burning By-law for open air fires that require a permit from the Town's Chief Fire Official.
Fireworks By-law
Regulates the sale and use of fireworks
Light Pollution By-law
Regulates outdoor lighting in the Town of Richmond Hill
Long Grass & Weed By-law
Regulates the maximum length of grass and weeds on all properties in the Town to 8 inches ( 20 cm) between May 1 and October 15 of each year
Noise By-law
Provides for the times that certain noises are permitted 
Obstruction of Highway By-law
Regulates the dumping or placing of anything on the highway (includes the boulevard and unpaved portions of the highway)
Open Air Burning By-law
Prohibits open air burning within the boundaries of Richmond Hill, unless permission has been obtained from the Town's Chief Fire Official

See the Fire Setting By-law for regulations pertaining to open air fires on all lands within the Town.
Property Standards By-law
Minimum standards for maintenance and occupancy.
Sign By-law
Regulates the size, location and number of signs that are permitted on any property, business as well as special events
Tree Preservation By-law (Private Property)
Prohibits and regulates the injuring and destruction of trees (with a trunk diameter of 20 cm or more, measured 1.4 metres above the ground) on private property in the Town of Richmond Hill
Tree Planting By-law
(Town-owned Property)
Prohibits and regulates the injuring and destruction of trees on Town property.
Water-Use - Lawn Watering Restrictions By-law
Restricts outdoor water use to certain hours during the period June 15 to September 30 each year
Licensing By-laws
  Chapter [PDF]
Licensing By-laws
 826 - 882
Certain businesses operating in the Town are required to be licensed, including adult entertainment businesses (adult video stores, body rub parlours, etc.), billiard halls, bowling alleys, limousines, newspaper boxes, taxi cabs, tobacco sales, etc.
Second Hand Goods By-law
(applies to Garage Sales etc.)
Provides for and regulates second hand goods purchasing and sales establishments. Provides for the required registering of all purchases and sales and sets the period before selling after the purchase of the goods 
Refreshment Vehicles
Regulates the sale of refreshments (food and beverages) from a vehicle within the Town 
Tobacco Sales 
Regulates the sale of all tobacco products in the Town
Parking By-laws
Chapter [PDF]
Fire Route 
Provides for the designation of fire routes and enforcement of parking in fire routes in the Town
Parking - Disabled
Provides for and regulates disabled parking, the size of the parking space, placement of the signs, permits and the enforcement for violations of the by-law 
Parking - Regulation
(Parking Control)
Regulates on-street parking in the Town, as well as some provisions for parking on private property.
Zoning By-laws
Chapter [PDF]
General Zoning By-laws 
 Planning & Development Department - Building Services Division
Zoning By-laws set the permitted uses on all properties in the municipality for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and other properties. They also set out the set back requirements for structures, widths of driveways, business uses, home occupations, etc.
Basement Apartment By-law
 Planning & Development Department - Building Services Division
Prohibits any basement apartment established after November 16, 1995
Front Yard Parking By-law
 Planning & Development Department - Building Services Division
Provides for the maximum widths of driveways on private property.  A minimum of 45 per cent of front yard must be landscaped while meeting the minimum provisions

See the Driveway Apron By-law for regulations on the maximum width of the portion of driveway on municipal property (boulevard).

Other Legislation
Pesticides Act
Province of Ontario
Bans the use of certain pesticides used for cosmetic purposes

This legislation is enforced by the Ministry of the Environment. For more information, visit, or call
Smoke-Free Ontario Act
 Region of York
The Smoke-Free Ontario Act has requirements for all enclosed public places and enclosed workplaces to be 100% smoke-free. The Act also regulates the sale of tobacco products throughout Ontario.

The York Region Tobacco Education and Control Team perform education and enforcement of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. For more information, or to make a complaint, please contact York Region Health Connection at 1-800-361-5653 |
TTY: 1-866-252-993 or visit  

Specific By-law Information

Animal Control Services
The Licensing Enforcement Section is responsible for overseeing the provision of Animal Control Services in the Town. This responsibility includes the provision of all labour, equipment, machinery, materials and facilities which may be necessary for the performance of these services.

Presently, Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) York Region Branch is contracted by the Town for enforcing the provisions of the Town's Animal Control By-law, as well as ensuring that all owners of dogs have licensed their dogs. They also enforce the poop and scoop provisions, dogs running at large and animal trespassing regulations of the by-law.  For more information visit the OSPCA website or call (905) 898-7122, ext. 319 or 1-888-668-7722.

Licensing Section Processes
The Licensing Section issues business licenses and enforces the licensing requirements for the Town including those pertaining to taxi cabs, limousines, refreshment vehicles and all of the drivers of those vehicles, as well as adult entertainment establishments, such as adult video stores and body rub parlours, among others. Other businesses that are licensed in the Town are Billiard Halls, Bowling Alleys, Ice Cream Carts, Amusement Arcades, establishments that sell tobacco and Second Hand Goods.

How to Obtain a Lottery License

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