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FIRE STATION #8-2 - 13067 Yonge Street

Fire Station 8-2 front view 
Nearest Intersection: Yonge Street and North Lake Road

Named after former Fire Chief R.G. Kennedy, Station 8-2 was officially opened in October 1996 and serves the residents of Oak Ridges. Prior to the opening of Station 8-2, the ‘old fire hall’ in the community of Oak Ridges was located in the building now known as the Charles Connor Room.

Station 8-2 is home to a staff of 20 suppression personnel (firefighters) who work on four separate crews. Firefighters at this station respond to all types of emergency calls, but are specially trained in hazardous materials (HAZMAT), and due to the number of lakes in the area they are also trained in water and ice rescues.

The station houses a radio room with a base radio for direct communications, specialized bunker gear washing equipment, hose tower, kitchen and lounge as well as both male and female dorm areas.

Fire Station 8-2 front view smallFire Station 8-2 black and white truck bayFire Station 8-2 side viewFire Station 8-2 side view black and whiteFire Station 8-2 back

Station 8-2 Vehicles

Quint 823

Quint 823 Quint 823 is a Spartan Gladiator/Smeal Quint built in 1999. It has a 23 metre aerial ladder, with a 100mm master stream nozzle at its tip that it capable of delivering 800 litres of water per minute.

This truck is equipped as a pumper, and also carries standard structural firefighting equipment, as well as auto extrication equipment. Quint 823 is the first run vehicle out of Station 8-2.

823 Specifications
Manufacturer Type of Apparatus Year Pump Capacity Tank Capacity
Smeal Quint 1999 8000 Lpm 2000 L

Tanker 824
Tanker 824 This 2004 Freightliner/Dependable water tanker carries almost nothing but water - 8,183 litres of it to be exact! In addition to the massive water tank, it also carries a portable pump, three lengths of 65mm hard suction hose, one porta tank, and extra lengths of hoses with nozzles.

Tanker 824 is used primarily for calls in areas of Richmond Hill that are not serviced by fire hydrants.

824 Specifications
Manufacturer Type of Apparatus Year Pump Capacity Tank Capacity
Freightliner Tanker 2004 N/A 8463 L

Rescue 829
Rescue 829 This 1992 Ford Super Duty rescue unit has been customized to become a fast response WATER RESCUE unit. Rescue 829 is also used to pull our Water Rescue Trailer and Boat. In the back is a Carlson Board, a Fortuna - Rapid Deployment Craft (RDC), ice water immersion rescue suits, throw bags, PFD's, ice augers, ice chainsaws, paddles, mega-phone, ice staffs, ice picks, ladders, first aid supplies and equipment, backboards and close to 10,000 ft of rescue rope, as well as many other specialty tools. It also contains high level rescue equipment such as helmets, rope, "D" rings, gloves, one 3,500 watt generator, scene lights, gas detector and hand tools.

829 Specifications
Manufacturer Type of Apparatus Year Pump Capacity Tank Capacity
Ford Water Rescue 1991 N/A N/A

Rescue 829B
Rescue 829B The 2004 Zodiac Futura MarkII custom ordered Rescue Boat is equipped with a Yamaha 15hp 4-stroke engine. Rescue 829B is also outfitted with a depth and range finder and steering wheel controls. The water rescue boat is attached to truck No. 829 and is ready to go when called upon to service Richmond Hill's many bodies of water, such as Lake Wilcox, Mill Pond, Bond Lake, Lake St. George, Haynes Lake, Philips Lake, Catfish Pond, Swan lake and the East Humber River, among others.

829B Specifications
Manufacturer Type of Apparatus Year Pump Capacity Tank Capacity
Zodiac Boat 2004 N/A N/A


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