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FIRE STATION #8-1 - Major Mackenzie Drive West

Fire Station 8-1
Nearest intersection: Major Mackenzie Drives West and Arnold Crescent

Named after former Fire Chief Alfred Stong, Station 8-1 was officially opened in September 1978. It is the oldest, and largest of all the fire stations in Richmond Hill.

Station 8-1 is home to the Platoon Chiefs and 32 suppression personnel (firefighters) who work on four separate crews. It is also where Communications Staff, who dispatch for five local fire services, are located. Firefighters at Station 8-1 respond to all types of emergency calls, but are specially trained in confined space, high angle (rope), and trench rescues.

Within the station there is a classroom, kitchen, lounge and dorm areas, training tower and the dispatch centre. The station also houses the main air compressor for the department, where air bottles for firefighters are filled.

Station 8-1 side view Historic photo of Station 8-1  Historic view of Station 8-1 Front view of Station 8-1

Station Vehicles

Engine 811

Fire Engine 811 Engine 811 is a custom built 1998 Spartan Gladiator/Smeal pumper. It is equipped with standard structural firefighting equipment and auto extrication equipment. It is the first run vehicle out of this station, responding to a variety of calls.

811 Specifications
Manufacturer Type of Apparatus Year Pump Capacity Tank Capacity
Smeal Pumper 1998 6850 Lpm 1896 L

Rescue 819

Rescue 819 This custom built, one-of-a-kind 2006 Spartan/Dependable Heavy Rescue truck is a state of the art technical rescue truck. This truck carries all the equipment required for firefighters to perform high angle, confined space, trench, and water and ice rescues. It also carries forcible entry and auto extrication equipment. It is the only fire truck within the RHFES fleet that does not carry water on it. Because of its size and technical capabilities it is often referred to as a ‘big tool box on wheels’, and has earned the nickname “Squadzilla”!

819 Specifications
Manufacturer Type of Apparatus Year Pump Capacity Tank Capacity
Spartan Heavy Rescue 2006 N/A N/A

Command 8-3

Command 8-3 This 2007 Chevrolet Suburban is a fully operational mobile command unit and was specially designed to meet the specific needs of the RHFES Platoon Chiefs. Command 8-3 responds to fires, remote alarms or any large incident where the Platoon Chief may be required. These would include technical calls such as trench rescues, high angle, auto extrications, confined space, water rescues and hazmat incidents.

Meeting the needs of the Platoon Chiefs, Command 8-3 contains a slide out tray housing a mobile command centre, spare air bottles, storage for forms, spare medical supplies, rehabilitation supplies for firefighters, and a variety of other supplies. One of the most important things housed within the back storage of Command 8-3 though is the accountability system, which helps account for firefighters locations and responsibilities at a major incidents. Within the cab of Command 8-3 there is a state-of-the-art laptop complete with fire department programs and command software, GPS, and emergency siren and lighting controls.

Command 8-3 Specifications
Manufacturer Type of Apparatus Year Pump Capacity Tank Capacity
Chevrolet PC Vehicle 2007 N/A N/A

Command Post 8-0
Command Post 8-0 This 1999 Motor Coach is 36 feet long and is outfitted as a Mobile Command for major emergencies. Within the Command Post there is an operations area with mapping, radios and telephones, a boardroom, kitchen and washroom. In addition to being the Command Centre at major emergencies, it is also used as a rehabilitation centre for firefighters, a place for interviews to take place, and a work space for the Fire Investigation Unit.

Command Post 8-0 Specifications
Manufacturer Type of Apparatus Year Pump Capacity Tank Capacity
Fleetwood Command Post 1996 N/A N/A

Spare Quint
Spare Quint This custom built 1999 Spartan Gladiator with enclosed cab holds 1,890 litres of water and more 210 metres of fire hose. This truck carries various firefighting equipment such as pike poles, axes, ladders, basic extraction equipment and a positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fan. It has a 17 metre aerial ladder with remote controlled nozzle. It is also equipped with first aid equipment including a defibrillator.

This Quint was the first run truck out of Station 8-5, until Foam Engine 851 was put in to service. It is now stationed at Station 8-1 and runs as a spare truck for any station that requires additional apparatus.

Spare Quint Specifications
Manufacturer Type of Apparatus Year Pump Capacity Tank Capacity
Spartan Quint 1999 8000 Lpm 2000 L

Spare Aerial

Spare Aerial This custom built 1999 Spartan Gladiator has a 32m aerial ladder and comes equipped with 315 metres of hose, and 2,000 litres of water. The Spare Aerial also carries various items of fire fighting equipment including fire extinguishers, axes, ladders, etc.

The Spare was the first run truck out of Station 8-3 until the summer of 2011 when Aerial 836 replaced it as the first vehicle. It now runs as a spare truck out of Station 8-1, or any other station that requires an additional apparatus.

Spare Aerial Specifications
Manufacturer Type of Apparatus Year Pump Capacity Tank Capacity
Spartan Aerial 1999 8000 Lpm 2000 L

Utility 810

Fire Engine 811 Utility 810 is a 2010 Chevrolet 3500, and is used for various purposes. It is used to pull TR1, which is the RHFES HAZMAT trailer, containing supplies required at HAZMAT incidents. It can also be seen around Richmond Hill transporting supplies and equipment from station to station, as well as bringing supplementary supplies and equipment to emergency calls. In the back of the truck bed there is a case built in to transport air bottles for firefighters. Utility 810 is also equipped with a snowplow, which is used to plow the grounds of all six fire stations, ensuring that emergency vehicles are able to get in and out of the stations to respond to calls.
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