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Elgin Mills Greenway Restoration

A portion of the Elgin Mills Greenway is closed. A temporary bark chip trail now connects the Shaftsbury Avenue section of the trail to Twickenham Park. 

Other sections of the Elgin Mills Greenway remain open and can be accessed from Elgin West Community Centre.

A map showing the detour area and alternative trail access points can be found at the link below. Signage is also posted along the trail. 

   Elgin Mills Greenway Detour Map [PDF]

Map: Elgin Mills Greenway Restoration AreaThe Elgin Mills Greenway is a Town-owned parcel of open space near Twickenham Park just south of Shaftsbury Avenue, between St. Theresa of Lisieux School and the Elgin West Community Centre. The East Don River runs through this open space, which has an asphalt trail and several pedestrian bridges crossing the river. The Elgin West stormwater management facility is also located in this open space just south of the Elgin West Community Centre.

Extreme storm events and high-flowing water through the Elgin Mills Greenway in 2013 and 2014 caused severe erosion in the creek channel resulting in a partially collapsed trail and structurally unsound pedestrian bridge. To ensure the safety of residents a temporary wood chip trail was constructed to redirect pedestrian traffic around the damaged asphalt trail and unsafe pedestrian bridge, which has been removed.

The Town undertook an Environmental Assessment Study to assess restoration options for the damaged infrastructure, open space area and the Elgin West stormwater management pond. A preferred solution was chosen after extensive investigation into the natural, social, technical and economic factors influencing the area. The preferred solution consists of:

  • Relocating the stormwater management pond to the north end of the Elgin Mills Greenway at Shaftsbury Avenue;
  • Constructing a small, dry detention pond near the existing stormwater management pond;
  • Adding a filter called an oil-grit separator to the existing storm sewer system at Larratt Lane to improve the quality of the water entering the stream;
  • Restoring the existing stormwater management pond to a natural wetland; and,
  • Incorporating new and existing trails and lookouts into the design.

    Elgin Mills Greenway Restoration Conceptual Design [PDF]
    Elgin Mills Greenway Restoration Final Report [PDF]

    Thank you for your participation in this study. The comment period for the environmental assessment is now closed. Design of the preferred solution will take place in 2016. Construction is tentatively scheduled to start in 2017 pending budget approval.

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